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How I ate and exercised today

Really like the difference that a half-hour of decent exercise can make in my day.

Daily Report for June 23, 2013Daily LogBreakfast583Banana, Medium, 7" - 7 7/8" Long1 Each105Egg, Scrambled, Large3 Each306Sausage, Patty, Original, Vgtrn, Morningstar Farms2 Each160Milk, Whole, 3.25%1 Tablespoon9Coffee, Brewed10 Fluid ounces3Lunch233Flax Roll-up, Damascus Bakeries1 Slice110Mediterranean Hummus, Trader Joe's3 Tablespoons105Tomatoes, Fresh, Med½ Each11Cucumber, Sliced6 Slices5Sprouts, Alfalfa, Fresh4 Tablespoons2Dinner754Chicken Stir-fry W/ Brown And Wild Rice, Assorted Veggies2 Servings754Snacks708Banana mango Smoothie1 Serving217Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches, So Deliciously1 Each90Sausage, Patty, Original, Vgtrn, Morningstar Farms2 Each160Flax Roll-up, Damascus Bakeries½ Slice55Popcorn, Air Popped6 Cups186Exercise522Elliptical30 min391Walking30 min130
SummaryFood Calories2,278Exercise Calories522Net Calories1,756+/- Calories-8…

How I ate and exercised

Suddenly remembering that I got in the best shape of my life without changing my eating at all: Just by exercising a day. Makes a huge difference. This time: Trying both.

Daily Summary Thursday Jun 20, 2013 Daily Summary for Jun 20, 2013 Export to spreadsheet Daily Calories

How I ate and exercised today

Feels like a balanced day. Could've ditched the bagel at breakfast and been fine, I'm sure. I knew I'd wat a big Chipotle burrito tonight, so I sercised for it—then skipped the cheese and sour cream when I ordered. Worked perfectly.
Daily Summary Wednesday Jun 19, 2013 Daily Summary for Jun 19, 2013 Export to spreadsheet Daily Calories