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My philosophy about football and CTE, stated here for the record.

• Individual choices matter, as long as they're informed.
• The NFL settlement of a suit regarding this issue suggests that for many players prior to the last couple of years, they were not adequately informed of the dangers.
• Nonetheless, let's say they're adequately informed now.
• The incentives to play football still make playing football an attractive prospect to many people, disproportionately poor.
• Those incentives are created by the large audience for football, one that generates money as eyeballs for advertising and spends a good deal of money on the game directly.
• When taken together with college football and high school football, the sport has disproportionate cultural power to the benefit it generates, which makes its costs worthy of extra attention.
• The potential costs of football are high enough, that the incentives to play it are, essentially, incentives for grown men to injure, occasionally maim, and outright harm each other.
• The benefit? We're entert…